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HUMAN TEST! (See note for explanation)

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

Note: Despite my unquestioned loyalty to our Robot Overlords, I prefer contacts from actual humans.  As such, the form does ask a simple question that any human (of the geeky/gamer variety) should be able to answer.  Just enter the answer as a number.  For you non-gamers out there: 1) I am deeply saddened by the lack of games in your life, and 2) the "d" in a phrase like "1d6" refers to dice. Specifically, 1d6 means a single six-sided die like you'd find in Monopoly or at a Craps table. The number after the "d" is how many sides the die has, and the number before the "d" is how many dice you are rolling. So "2d6" is two six-sided dice which will result in a roll ranging from two to twelve.

There. Now even a non-gamer should be able to prove their humanity. If for some reason these questions still have you stumped (and you're not simply a dirty spammer), you can also message me via Facebook. Sorry for the inconvenience.