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A: Most polymer clay brands will work but I like the softer clays. Sculpey III, Fimo, and Craftsmart (Micheal's Craft Store brand) will all work well. Some colors of clay are stickier than others, so using a bit of talcum powder (baby powder) can help make the clay easier to work with. Another option is a modeling compound called Apoxie Sculpt. It is a strong, 2-part compound that air dries (or cures) and is about as tuff as most resins.

A: Yes. Some of the very thin pieces will need to be handled with care if you are using plaster, but even the rugs will work as plaster pieces. I recommend using the strongest plaster you can find (I use hydrostone) and glue pieces to a thicker/stronger piece before it is handled too much.

As for resin, my molds use a platinum-cure silicone which is more resistant to resins than tin-cure so you'll have no problems using resin. However, make sure to use a mold release agent to prolong the life of your molds.

A: Yes. You can find them in The Workshop. Just sort by "Tutorials" in the upper-right corner.

If you have questions or suggestions for more tutorials you would like to see in future, feel free to contact me directly.

A: I ship by USPS (U.S. Postal Service) which ships to most places worldwide. If you are shipping to one of the few places that USPS doesn't ship to, I will let you know and we can make other arrangements.

A: I am a perfectionist when it comes to my work and sometimes a sculpt doesn't work the way I want it to.  I will announce release dates on the website and on Facebook once I've successfully created the first production mold. Until then, please be patient... it will be worth the wait.

A: I take every suggestion seriously, however my time for custom, personalized sculpting is limited. Pricing for custom pieces starts at $25/hour. If you are interested, contact me to discuss specifications and detailed pricing. Otherwise, if it strikes my fancy or fits into some theme I'm working on, I may attempt it as part of a new mold.

A: Please read my Legal Statement and Terms of Use. It's not very long and fairly easy to understand.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly.