1. All products offered for sale from Lady Sabelle Designs are original sculptured pieces, are produced from original molds, and based on original designs, all of which are copyrighted by Lady Sabelle Designs and/or Michelle McGriff.

2. Unauthorized copying, trading, and selling of Lady Sabelle Designs’ products, castings based on its original designs, and copy molds prepared from our products is strictly prohibited.

3. Lady Sabelle Designs may, upon reasonable request, license its products and design for copying and resale. Any unauthorized copying and selling of our products, or products which are based on our designs, will result in legal action under the applicable copyright and trademark laws. To avoid such legal action, you must obtain express permission from Lady Sabelle Designs prior to copying and selling its products or preparing molds from its original products for the purpose of casting and resale. Individuals may duplicate and copy the original designs of Lady Sabelle Designs only for their personal use. Any individual or business which incorporates our products or copies of our original designs in any revised sculptured work shall contact us to determine whether a license agreement is required. Individual hobbyist may sell limited quantities of our products and copies of our products without the need for a license agreement as long as their total gross sale of product does not exceed $500.00 within any one year period and as long as these products are painted casts and attached to another surface. Any individual selling more than $500.00 per year of our products or copies of our products without express permission, or any business, including but not limited to hobby shops, are precluded from such sales without a license. All business must obtain a license agreement before selling any products made from Lady Sabelle Design materials. No one is allowed to produce molds for sale which use pieces created by Lady Sabelle Designs.

4. Any individual or business intending to promote and sell our products, or to prepare and display sculptures which incorporate our products, are required to give credit to Lady Sabelle Designs and to mention our website address on any sales or display information.

5. A sample License Agreement is provided for your review and consideration. If you believe, or upon review of the License Agreement believe, that such license is required for your particular situation, please contact Lady Sabelle Designs before copying, selling, or offering for sale any of our products or copies based on our products. If you do not understand the terms of the License Agreement or any of the requirements set forth above, please contact Lady Sabelle Designs before commencing any activity which could lead to our legal enforcement of our intellectual property rights.

License Agreement